The results are obvious and I would recommend

After an event like the one I went through, one may feel that life has come to an end and that hence everything would change. I had to adapt to this sudden change and new routines and I felt my vitality coming down. Adjusting to a different life would require a lot of effort through therapy but I found that each day there was a little progress. Now, with the TMS treatment, I would say I have managed to recover 100% in what is hope and the joy of living.

After this treatment, my vitality has returned, I am more positive and I can do tasks that were more cumbersome for me prior to the treatment. So I do recommend this treatment accompanied of course by physical therapeutic rehabilitation – I think it is worth the effort. The change is evident in terms of joie de vivre. That change occurred in my life so drastic. I will not say I was depressed, but I felt sad because I felt that many things I wanted to do or that the tasks that were imposed on me, exceeded my ability.

Now I feel that I can handle things better and I can have some control. The treatment also helped me to become more independent and to adapt… the results are obvious and therefore, so I recommend it.