I found new hope in Costa Rica

After years of struggle with severe depression and many types of ineffective medication, I no longer knew what to do or where to turn. In my despair, I even considered electroshock–which I knew to be effective for most people but also harsh and apt to produce memory loss. Quite providentially, I discovered the existence of TMS and didn’t have to undergo electroshock. Within a week of my discovery, I did all the research on the internet and, spurred by new hope, left for Costa Rica. After just a few days of starting, I felt my energy level surging, my interest in life and my surroundings return gradually. It seemed almost too good to be true. Yet it was so, no mistakes about it. With every new session, I saw my mood settling back to normal and I began to look forward to the future instead of dreading it as had been the case for so many years before.

This is my personal story of recovery, but the most important thing I want to write about here is the exceptional quality of the Costa Rican team at Cima Hospital and the supporting staff at Elisol Tours. As Americans we tend to be suspicious of Central American standards of competence, professionalism, technical know-how, and cleanliness or punctuality. We also assume that medical equipment is outdated and might be poorly maintained. I want to assure you that the quality of the service and the equipment are equal to the best private clinics in the US.

Drs. Mesen and Sancho are exceptionally knowledgeable, forthcoming, and humane. According to my independent research, their training in the novel field of rTMS is the best that can be had anywhere. They trained at Harvard Medical School under Prof. Pascual Leone (a pioneer and perhaps the most experienced researcher in the discipline) and in Vancouver, Canada, at a clinic with possibly the highest volume of patients undergoing rTMS worldwide at this time. I double-checked all aspects of the professional claims made on the Costa Rican website through Profs. Leone and Fregni of Harvard Medical School. Therefore, I embarked on the treatment with the greatest of confidence and have benefited from Drs Mesen’s and Dr. Sancho’s high interest and personalized involvement in their patients’ wellbeing.

It is also useful to report on the reliability and strict punctuality of Elisol Tours, the company responsible for airport to hotel to clinic transportation.

Nicholas Rand
Professor University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of French
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Madison, WI
53706, USA