I feel happy and fulfilled

I want to share the following with you. I am a 47 year-old woman, married, with three adult daughters, and am a retired nurse. From a very early time in my adolescence I began to suffer from depression, and it wasn’t until I turned thirty that I was diagnosed by my psychiatrist as having “Major Depression” in my first hospitalization. I started to be treated with medications as well as psychotherapy. In the course of all that time I have received every type of antidepressant that form a list too long to transcribe, as well as electroconvulsive treatment (ECT); since, in spite of following the medication instructions to the letter, not missing the therapy sessions with the psychiatric doctor, following the advice for maintaining all-round health, not only psychoemotional, but also physical and spiritual; I suffered numerous serious crises during those years, with several suicide attempts that had me in the Intensive Care Unit at the edge of death. In 1998 I had my first manic crisis, I have Bipolar Disorder. At that time I was granted a pension for illness. I should mention that in spite of the chronic illness I suffer from, in the times of health (which have been several years) I have lived a full life, happy, fulfilled as a woman, wife, mother and professional, since even though I’m a pensioner I haven’t withdrawn completely from the nursing practice, I have given university classes, I offer nursing house calls, I have volunteered at some retirement homes, as well as giving first aid classes in schools as well as to parents and teachers; and to some elderly citizen groups I have given talks on “self care” of chronic illnesses such as: diabetes, hypertension/high blood pressure, hyperlipidemias, depression and other mental illnesses.
During Christmas 2005 I had a strong relapse with a manic crisis, I was in the hospital to become stabilized; but then I fell into a very severe depressive state. Throughout the entire year of 2006 I received different medications in very strong dosages (with secondary effects that were even more unpleasant) and to which I did not respond. Every day that went by was more agonizing not only for me, but also for my family and my doctor. In one of the darkest moments that my family and I have gone through; in a veritable psycho-emotional and spiritual desert and desperation, my psychiatrist Dr. Pérez Desanti proposed an alternative treatment, very new in the country, since it had just been put into practice in early 2006. It was the Transcranial Electromagnetic Stimulation given by Drs. Sancho Torres and Mesén. I decided to receive the treatment as a last resort, during the final days of 2006, with a skeptical attitude (some would say without faith). “AND THE LIGHT REVEALED ITSELF”, already by the fifth therapy session I had lowered my medication doses by half. I welcomed the New Year in 2007 along with my loved ones with a big smile of happiness, and after only ten sessions, my condition took a 180 degree turn, the darkness lifted, and I recovered my life. The course of this year has been very satisfactory for my family and me, I have taken charge of my life and home, I am physically active, my family and spousal relationships are balanced. In the words of my psychiatrist, Dr. Pérez Desanti, “I look radiant” and I would add that I feel fulfilled and happy. Currently, I visit my doctor monthly, and I continue taking medications, but at minimal doses and for maintenance purposes.